Wenn das die Klimakritiker sehen…

HAWAII UPDATE — Kilauea volcano eruption (December 25, 2019)
Kilauea volcano eruption (Hawaii News Update 2019). Back in May 2018, Hawaii’s Kīlauea volcano kickstarted a months-long eruption that would turn out to be the most destructive in its history. Its Halema’uma’u summit crater progressively collapsed and consumed its surroundings, while magma draining from below fed rivers and fountains of lava streaming out of its eastern flanks. Ultimately, the volcano expelled some 320,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools’ worth of lava.
Like similar eruptions around the world, those featuring a cauldron-like summit and plenty of lava, it was assumed the magma reservoir feeding Kīlauea’s mighty convulsion had run empty. But a new study published in Science this month has provided a baffling plot twist. Based on the changing dimensions of the volcano throughout the eruption, as little as 11 percent and no more than 33 percent of that magma reservoir was drained by the end of the eruption.