1977 Mercedes-Benz Transporter 1

The Mercedes-Benz Transporter 1 was the first pickup truck, developed by Daimler-Benz itself, the predecessor Harburger Transporter was a development of Hanomag-Henschel vehicle works, which had taken over Daimler-Benz in 1970. Unlike this, the T1 has a rear-wheel drive. The vehicle was designed by Stefan Heiliger.

The T 1 was offered as a box van, Kombi I, Kombi II, minibus, flatbed, tipper and chassis without body, sometimes even without a complete cab. A maximum of three different wheelbases, namely 3.05 m, 3.35 m and 3.70 m were available. The permissible total weight ranged from 2.55 t to 4.6 t, the drive was either by petrol or diesel engines. The T 1 was also used as a mobile home. Offered by Mercedes-Benz itself was developed by Westfalia James Cook.

The type designations follow the same scheme that Mercedes-Benz applies to larger trucks and consist of the (rounded) gross vehicle weight and (approximate) horsepower. So had a 207 D to 2.8 t total weight and 72 HP and a 409 D to 4.6 t total weight and 88 HP. The four-passenger vehicles are recognizable on the dual-tire rear axle and were only available with medium and long wheelbase.

The T 1 was larger than the VW van, competitors were the VW LT and the Ford Transit.